Railroad Earth and Yonder Mountain String Band at the Nokia Times Square

| Monday, October 26, 2009

So Saturday night was a wee bit busy in NYC. I was asked at the last minute to help out a reviewer with a shoot from RRE and YMSB at the Nokia in Times Square. But of course the list is closed and so I had to be put on as a +1, which would have been fine, but the reviewer was late getting there and of course, there was no +1 errrr. So I snagged a few shots from the crowd of RRE, walked around and talekd to a few people and then waited for YMSB. Luckily the lighting was great for them and there was only 2 other people in the pit, making it easy to move around. These are all shot at 1600iso and 1/250 2.8. In retrospect, I probably could have undershot them a bit more and gotten more detail but oh well.
Railroad Earth

Yonder Mountain String Band

then after the first set it was off to U-Melt at Sullivan Hall. Which was fun and I'll have some shots from that soon. Unfortunately I missed the 2nd set sit-ins, but oh well that happens.
Also during the evening of highs (some good shots) and lows (super frustration of waiting outside for 45 mins and not having a ticket waiting)
I got a fantastic email from the editor of Relix. So fingers crossed and we'll see where that leads....