Dr. Dog and Deer Tick

| Monday, June 21, 2010

So last Saturday night I had the opportunity to photograph Deer Tick and Dr. Dog at the sold out Terminal 5.
The show opened with the members of Deer Tick wearing dresses and ended with a marriage proposal during Dr. Dog's set and had some pretty good music in between.
It was a pretty tough shoot overall, three songs for each and being that they're both indie bands, the songs were short ones. Also the lighting tended to be mostly red and blacklit for Deer Tick, while it was all over the place for Dr. Dog, with a ton of strobe action.

Blues Traveler at The Filmore New York at Irving Plaza

| Friday, November 6, 2009

So on Wednesday I had the opportunity to shoot Blues Traveler at Irving Plaza. Honestly it was my first time seeing them since they opened for the Rolling Stones on the Bridges to Babylon Tour. Decent show and a nice crowd (especially considering Game 6 of the World Series going on)
For highlights they played Sublime's, "What I've Got", Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" and their own Hook, The Mountains Win Again, But Anyway, and of course Run-Around.
The lighting on the band was excellent, although there was always more on John Popper, so I had to adjust while shooting during the concert and in photoshop later on. Probably the highlight for me, was having a photo pit at Irving Plaza for the first time and we got 6 songs before I got the boot! Oh my god, it was fantastic, now if only the Bowery does one two, I'll be in Heaven.
Settings ranged from 1/250 up to 1/400 of a second with an ISO between 1000-1600.

. already ran a post on it, using one of my shots with Jamie McLean
and there should be a post up at some point on Hidden Track.
btw has anyone ever heard of Falu? She sat in with the band as well. She's an traditional Indian singer, I've never heard of her, but she's got photos on her myspace page with DJ Logic, George Porter, Bernie Worrell, Adam Deitch, and Widespread Panic.
So she's obviously on the edge of the scene...

Railroad Earth and Yonder Mountain String Band at the Nokia Times Square

| Monday, October 26, 2009

So Saturday night was a wee bit busy in NYC. I was asked at the last minute to help out a reviewer with a shoot from RRE and YMSB at the Nokia in Times Square. But of course the list is closed and so I had to be put on as a +1, which would have been fine, but the reviewer was late getting there and of course, there was no +1 errrr. So I snagged a few shots from the crowd of RRE, walked around and talekd to a few people and then waited for YMSB. Luckily the lighting was great for them and there was only 2 other people in the pit, making it easy to move around. These are all shot at 1600iso and 1/250 2.8. In retrospect, I probably could have undershot them a bit more and gotten more detail but oh well.
Railroad Earth

Yonder Mountain String Band

then after the first set it was off to U-Melt at Sullivan Hall. Which was fun and I'll have some shots from that soon. Unfortunately I missed the 2nd set sit-ins, but oh well that happens.
Also during the evening of highs (some good shots) and lows (super frustration of waiting outside for 45 mins and not having a ticket waiting)
I got a fantastic email from the editor of Relix. So fingers crossed and we'll see where that leads....

The Disco Biscuits come to Brooklyn

| Friday, October 23, 2009

So back to Brooklyn Bowl on Sunday for the Disco Biscuits
The show started a bit later than we hoped for, plus there was a "rumor" the 600 person venue had sold around 800 tickets, due to a mistake, so the place was packed to the gills. Definitely a solid first set, but I think more than a few people ran out of gas by the end of the night. Shooting wise, probably not my best effort, but here goes.

In the funny things department. The owner of Brooklyn Bowl, Peter Shapiro was standing next to me at one point yelling at Marc Brownstein for his attention. Marc, then walked over and mugged for his camera and I took one, too. Long story short, I send it to my friend, who sends it to Pete, who sends it to Brownie and now its his avatar on facebook.

(you can see Pete's arm in the bottom left)

Gov't Mule, Weeds, and More

| Friday, October 16, 2009

I had an interesting time last last Wednesday. Started off at at a Relix party to celebrate the release of their October issue. Free PBR Tallboys and an acoustic set by Charlie Mars and attended by his girlfriend Mary-Louise Parker whom I must have walked by half a dozen times and only noticed her little daughter and not her
From there I ran over to Brooklyn Bowl to catch the Govt. Mule cd release party. The place was maybe 3/4 full so there was plenty of places to move around and get some good shots. Plus the lights were really bright for most of the show and so I was able to switch back and forth from the primes to the zooms.

Hidden Track has a quick review up from the evening as well