Blues Traveler at The Filmore New York at Irving Plaza

| Friday, November 6, 2009

So on Wednesday I had the opportunity to shoot Blues Traveler at Irving Plaza. Honestly it was my first time seeing them since they opened for the Rolling Stones on the Bridges to Babylon Tour. Decent show and a nice crowd (especially considering Game 6 of the World Series going on)
For highlights they played Sublime's, "What I've Got", Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" and their own Hook, The Mountains Win Again, But Anyway, and of course Run-Around.
The lighting on the band was excellent, although there was always more on John Popper, so I had to adjust while shooting during the concert and in photoshop later on. Probably the highlight for me, was having a photo pit at Irving Plaza for the first time and we got 6 songs before I got the boot! Oh my god, it was fantastic, now if only the Bowery does one two, I'll be in Heaven.
Settings ranged from 1/250 up to 1/400 of a second with an ISO between 1000-1600.

. already ran a post on it, using one of my shots with Jamie McLean
and there should be a post up at some point on Hidden Track.
btw has anyone ever heard of Falu? She sat in with the band as well. She's an traditional Indian singer, I've never heard of her, but she's got photos on her myspace page with DJ Logic, George Porter, Bernie Worrell, Adam Deitch, and Widespread Panic.
So she's obviously on the edge of the scene...