The Disco Biscuits come to Brooklyn

| Friday, October 23, 2009

So back to Brooklyn Bowl on Sunday for the Disco Biscuits
The show started a bit later than we hoped for, plus there was a "rumor" the 600 person venue had sold around 800 tickets, due to a mistake, so the place was packed to the gills. Definitely a solid first set, but I think more than a few people ran out of gas by the end of the night. Shooting wise, probably not my best effort, but here goes.

In the funny things department. The owner of Brooklyn Bowl, Peter Shapiro was standing next to me at one point yelling at Marc Brownstein for his attention. Marc, then walked over and mugged for his camera and I took one, too. Long story short, I send it to my friend, who sends it to Pete, who sends it to Brownie and now its his avatar on facebook.

(you can see Pete's arm in the bottom left)